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Update: 13 Feb 2006.

Time for the Workers to Come Out

Hi All
Greetings from Malaysia where I had hoped to have a couple of Days to recoup a bit but it seems that was wishful thinking as my preaching diary is packed commencing tomorrow. So Praise The Lord any way and please pray for the hearers that many of them shall come to faith in Christ and that He will confirm the messages preached with signs and wonders following.

Let me thank you all for your prayers concerning what The Lord is doing in the Philippines and I am so happy to be passing on to you these wonderful praise and thanksgiving points.

On Friday when many of you may have seen the reports on Independent TV and CNN concerning the lack of any progress regarding child prisoners in the Philippines I am pleased to report that our Lord has not been caught napping. On the same day Father's House Facility for Children in Conflict with the Law Inc. was fully incorporated under Philippine Law. 'Father's House Facility for CICL Inc" is a non profit non stock incorporation which falls into the same category as our own Charitable Organisations in the UK and therefore qualifies for the equivalent status with regard to Tax concessions etc.

After many days of sitting in the corridors of power in the Philippines, and I mean literally the corridors as an 8am appt can often mean your being seen up to two and a half hours later. But it has all been worth it. We have been approved as an organisation that can provide care, education and training for CICL. The Department of Social Welfare and Development is regional which means that we can set up operations nationwide as the program develops. The Department of Justice and Penology is extremely supportive of our project and has promised their full cooperation and support. The Police department are already instructed to bring children charged with offences to our facility as soon as it is up and running and we plan for the to be in the very near future. Children currently held will all be released into our care up to the first facilities maximum of 500 and it is hoped that we will be able to expand the project before too long but 500 is enough to be going on with.

I will forward the full proposal for you all to read. Please do so with a real sense of joy and excitement as you will see that so much of what I had put down has already been agreed and acted upon.

The situation today is simply this: We have full title deeds on the hectare of land and this has been registered in the Corporation’s name in Philippine record time. I now have further firm offers of another 3 Hectares in other regions to develop the ministry other areas as this becomes feasible. The Program is totally Christian and is uncompromised in any way with regard to what may and may not be taught to the children and even against the normal PC views of Unicef and other UN Social Welfare organisations we have been granted full approval to operate with no compromise at all to the Programs very strong Biblical Christian ethos. In other words through the Gospel and a personal relationship with Jesus these children will be transformed by love into young people that will have a plan and purpose for their lives and the skills to be providers for themselves, their families and their country. Many of them were written off as a drain on national resources with very little hope of their rehabilitation and so they would just grow to be even more serious adult offenders. But we give glory to God for they way that He has opened the eyes, even of unbelieving, politicians, social workers, civil servants etc to see the hope that is there to the profit of the nation through this work of The Lord. I repeat to have done all this from arriving in the Philippines on 13th December is truly a miracle of God. Powerful people in the country have been astonished at the progress especially with regard to getting it all passed stamped and approved by all the authorities necessary.

I can also assure you that it is all glory to The Lord and has nothing to do with pressure from International pressure groups as the News showed. They did their first expose in July last year and found that it brought about absolutely no change. In Asia shouting and expressions of outrage only serve to close things down as the culture is geared to closing ranks and shutting down when being pushed. Since 1966 the Philippine Government has been under pressure to deal with this and we in the West have spent millions on forming forums, think tanks, advocacy and pressure groups that have all come to the same conclusion, the children should not be in these jails! New legislation has been introduced and decrees issued all making it even more illegal. However the sad thing is that there are many to criticise but few who put forward a working viable solution. Stating ideals solves nothing and the latest suggestion is simply to pass laws that will in essence decriminalise the illegal actions of children. Legalised anarchy is not the answer. We presented with a plan that is affordable, sustainable and provides a long term solution to the problem I have found that City, Local, Provincial and National Government have been more than willing to help and cooperate with all haste as they too have yearned to solve the crisis all they wanted was to be shown how.

I found it quite hard that on the day when it all became reality with approval for the running costs and also commitments to assist with mains connection for water and utilities and also the use of heavy plant, machinery and labour the authorities were once again made to look as though they don't care but I can assure you this could not be further from the truth.

So we are hoping to break ground by the time I return to Philippines on the 18th Feb and we are believing God to have the facility completed within three months. To that end we need your prayers. Please pray that the Lord will provide all the drawings, materials and Labour and that He will send in the volunteers as there is so much to be done in such a short time. Every day means another day behind bars for up to 500 of these children. I can give you an example of just how urgent that is. Sac is a lad of 10 who is being held in Tagum City jail. I have visited there often and have seen their accommodation. They are kept behind thick bars with a toilet hole and buckets for washing everything down the hole. there are no connections for any utilities in their cells and a security light shines in on them from beyond the bars. I was called and asked to go to the hospital to pray for him as he had been electrocuted. He is in a bad way but stable and please pray that he will make a full recovery. How he was electrocuted is a mystery but one of the guards told me that he owed some of the other adult inmates. So it does not take a degree in rocket science to guess that it was not an accident. They need out of there and they need our prayers.

Please pray for the Board of Directors for Father's House Inc. They are all thoroughly born again and I believe that The Lord led me to them because they are not only people of integrity but they are known for it and very highly respected in the City.
Wendal Avisado = City Administrator for Davao City, Dr Ayoc = School Administrator, Bible College Lecturer, Chaplin City Hall, Mrs Elvira Barner = Elementary School Principle and National Administrator for Philippine Evangelical Women's Institute, Nap Concepcion = Capt Philippine Airlines, Former Naval Pilot and so now a military advisor to the Government and Provincial Government Minister for Displaced Persons, Joel Galissalo = Regional Superintendent Faith Alliance Church responsible for 380 Pastors and Churches he also serves as an advisor on religious affairs to the Local Government. Please also pray for Attorney Tan our Lawyer. I chose him because he is well known for his faith and integrity by many of the poorest people in the city as he has championed many a cause and case for them and done it out of love without fees. Something I told him was the case here too. "If you want to charge a fee you will have to Bill The Lord in Heaven" 'I guessed that as others have told me about you going about the city. I can tell you that this happens a lot with me and you know what? He always pays better than any cash client, so lets get on with it!" Needless to say he is a great laugh as well as a true professional.

All are active in their Local Church Leadership and all are well respected and known for their integrity and Christian Faith.

Sorry for there being so much again but have a great time thanking Him and keep praying because He is listening.